Huntsville Hospital Careers

Standards of Behavior

These standards are the infrastructure for building a culture of service excellence, and they support our Vision, Mission and Values.

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We are committed to improving health care through a positive approach to meeting our customers' needs. Our customers include patients, families, physicians, co-workers and any other people with whom we interact during our time at work.


Our appearance reflects our image. As employees, it is our responsibility to convey a professional image by adhering to our Dress and Appearance Policy. All new employees are given this policy at the time of their hire and are expected to adhere to it at all times on facility property. Madison Hospital has a unique Dress Code Policy.


Communication is a vital aspect of our interaction with all customers. We must be committed to listening attentively to our customers in order to provide the excellent care and service that is expected. We will reflect patience, understanding, honesty and respect in both verbal and non-verbal communications.

Commitment to co-workers and physicians

Everyone who works here is part of a team that makes it possible to provide excellent care and service. Due to the nature of what we do, it is especially critical that we demonstrate our commitment in areas such as work attendance, which means arriving on-time when scheduled. Our commitment to each other will make this the best place to work and will ensure we provide quality health care for our patients.


We will ensure our patients' and co-workers' right to privacy and modesty by maintaining a secure and trusting environment. We will treat all information as confidential. Our concern for privacy will help promote peace of mind and reduce anxiety for our patients and their families.

Sense of ownership

All employees must feel a sense of ownership toward their jobs and the cleanliness of the hospital. We will all take pride in what we do, feel responsible for the outcomes of our efforts, help maintain a clean building and recognize that our work is a reflection of ourselves.

Safety awareness

To ensure an accident-free environment, safety must be the responsibility of all employees. It is the employee's responsibility and right to know the safety policies and procedures, both hospital-wide and departmental. Additionally, employees will arrive to work physically and mentally prepared to perform their job duties with appropriate judgment and skill. Anything that interferes with or impairs an employee's ability to do the essential functions of their job is prohibited.