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Frequently asked questions for job applicants

  1. What happens when I apply for a position?
    Every application is sent to a Human Resource Recruiter. The recruiter reviews qualifications, work history, education and references. We receive a large number of applications for every position, and the strongest candidates for each are forwarded to the hiring manager. Those selected for interview may be called by either the recruiter or hiring manager. A member of our Human Resources team will call the chosen candidate to extend a job offer.
  2. How many jobs can I apply for, and do I have to fill out a separate application each job?
    You can apply for three (3) different jobs per week. If you use the same account that you previously set up, you do not have to fill out another resume portion of the application, but you do have to fill out a different question set for each application you submit. Please note, you must apply for an open, posted position; we cannot accept a generic application or resume mailed to our office.
  3. What happens if I forget my username and/or password?
    Contact Human Resources for assistance at (256) 265-8170.
  4. How can I change my telephone number or update my information?
    To update any information on your application, log in with your username and password at www.hhsys.org, click on the "Employment" tab, then on "Huntsville Hospital." After logging in, click on "My Resume."
  5. What does "App Filed" mean?
    "App Filed" means that your application was reviewed by the recruiter but was not chosen for an interview because your qualifications do not meet our current needs, we have received a sufficient amount of applications, or the job does not meet your salary or shift expectations.
  6. How do I check the status of my application?
    To check the status of your application or to find out if a position has been filled that you applied for, log in with your username and password at www.hhsys.org, click on the "Employment" tab, then on "Huntsville Hospital." Once you log in, locate the "Status At A Glance" box on the right, click on the applications you have sent, and then review the "Current Status" of the application.
  7. How do I apply for a position at another facility or affiliate within Huntsville Hospital Health System?
    Go to www.hhsys.org and click on the "Employment" tab. Click on the icon of your preferred facility or affiliate. You can use the same log in information if you apply for positions at Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children, Madison Hospital and Heart Center, Inc. Affiliate facilities each have their own websites and application process.
  8. What happens if I have previously worked at Huntsville Hospital?
    When filling out an application, please answer "yes" to the question, "Have you ever been employed by Huntsville Hospital?" Huntsville Hospital includes the main campus in downtown Huntsville, Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children, Madison Hospital, and a diverse group of physician practices including Heart Center, Inc. The recruiter will review your past job history, including any disciplinary actions received, and attach to your application.