Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s


A sweaty gym in central Huntsville may seem an unlikely setting for a miracle, but don’t tell that to Carolyn Rhodes.

She’s convinced the gym’s high-energy Rock Steady Boxing workouts can slow the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Earlier this year, Huntsville Hospital’s Jean Wessel Templeton Community Health Initiative awarded Rock Steady Boxing a $22,000 grant to help pay for gym space and coaches. The hospital grant program distributes $500,000 annually to nonprofit organizations working to improve the health of Madison County residents.

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Dimensional Care: 3D Mammography

3D Mammography

The Huntsville Hospital and Madison Hospital Breast Centers are entering their third year with 3D mammography capability.

As the demand for this technology grows, we continue to replace our 2D digital mammography units with 3D-capable equipment. As the largest volume breast center in the state, the costs of expanding 3D mammography is substantial. But we believe this investment will benefit our patients.

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A Healthier Huntsville


Huntsville Hospital knows that in order to build a healthier and more active community, you have to move beyond the walls of the hospital.

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Healthy Tailgating Tips

Fire up your grills and get ready for some football! It's great to see our favorite teams back, but it's also the unofficial start to the season of weight gain. People find it hard to control their weight starting now through the New Year. Here are five tips to help you stay healthy while you enjoy cheering your favorite team on.

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Fueling your child with a healthy lunchbox


For parents, thinking about lunches is a key part of preparing for the new school year. The biggest question is:  Are they going to buy or bring, and which is healthier? The purpose of lunch is to fuel your child’s brain for the afternoon classes and to fuel their bodies for after-school activities.  You want to provide your child with a nutrient-rich meal that has lasting energy.

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Protect the skin you're in

Dr. Brian Mathews

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. Let’s use this month to raise awareness about skin cancer and help people take action to prevent it or detect it early – at home, at work and in the community.

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Calm and comfort

Brittany Ellisor
Special care for children with autism

Bright lights, loud sounds, strange people, painful touches and little control – the hospital can be a scary and overwhelming place for any child and family.

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6 tips for a healthy doctor-patient relationship

Doctor talking with patient
Dr. Robert Chappell, Chief Medical Officer

Patients known as the Baby Boomers and Generation X generally held the view that “doctors know best,” while physicians expected patients to follow their medical advice. But today’s model of the doctor-patient relationship looks much different – patients have access to a lot of different health information and physicians can provide more treatment options, requiring a good doctor-patient relationship.

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Back to life

Back to life
Holly Zywicke, MD

Are back problems keeping you from living life to the fullest? If so, you’re not alone. About 80 percent of adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain typically first strikes between age 30 and 50, and it becomes more common later in life. There are many different triggers for back pain: muscle strains from lifting a heavy object; traumatic injury; spinal disc degeneration; nerve damage.

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Q & A with Bill Nelson, Behaviorist, Huntsville Hospital Center for Medical Weight Loss

Bill Nelson, behaviorist with HH Center for Medical Weight Loss
Why is weight loss so important?

Three years ago, the American Medical Association declared obesity as a “chronic disease state.” Obesity is a national epidemic which is correlated with multiple issues including heart disease, diabetes, metabolic issues, significant physical limitations, and an early death rate. We address this issue using realistic and long-lasting solutions.

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