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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services at Huntsville Hospital provides a caring and nurturing environment for the emotional and psychiatric needs of adults and senior adults. The patient treatment includes family education and support to deal with the emotional changes in their loved ones who are coping with mental health issues.

Daily Services for Geropsychiatric Program

Pet Therapy
This optional activity offers the individual one-on-one time with an animal assisted therapy team. The purpose of pet therapy is to reduce the stress and anxiety of hospitalization and facilitate a positive change in the patientís physical, emotional, social, and/or cognitive status.
Remotivation Groups
In this climate of acceptance, the group members are encouraged to establish a relationship with other group members, bridge to reality, appreciate the work of the world and cultivate an interest in activities.
Reminiscence Groups
In this life review, the individual patients have an opportunity to self-affirm by expressing meaningful memories. Group validation allows each group member to move toward expression and resolution of psychologic pain.
Sensory Stimulation Groups
This small group process encourages the patient to maintain communication with the environment through a variety of sensory experiences. By increasing the sensory experiences, the patientís stimulus deprivation and isolation and social limitations are reduced.
Music Therapy
Music, a familiar and universal experience, can be a comforting, structured expression (a therapeutic tool) or it can provide the opportunity for creative and imaginative self-expression.

Other Daily Services for Adults

Community Meeting
Focus is to assist in orientation of new patients to peers, schedule and program guidelines. Any issues related to the operation of the unit can be discussed.
Group exercise set at patientsí level of functioning to facilitate range of motion, coordination, increase energy level and monitor ability to follow simple instructions.
Goal Setting
This activity assists the patients in developing an achievable goal to be completed within the next 24 hours. Goals are reviewed daily.
Psycho-education Groups
These are topic-driven discussions to explore coping mechanisms in a group setting. Topics include: Anger, Assertiveness, Stress Management, Problem Solving, and Time Management.
Current Events Groups
These groups assist the patient with reality orientation and give the patients a tie to the community and world at large.
Group Therapy
Process group that focuses on problem-solving, giving and receiving feedback, and exploring dynamics of behavior to increase insight and modify behavior.
Provides an overview of various relaxation techniques. The patient has the opportunity to develop expertise and obtain the maximum benefit from relaxation for stress management and anxiety.
Diversional Activity
These activities will be provided for the patients to use. They will include table games, movies, cards, and other recreational or leisure items. The purpose is to promote independence and increase the patientís involvement in leisure activities.
Occupational Therapy/Sensorimotor Tasks
This is the use of crafts and other tasks that require fine and gross motor skills and decision making skills.

Admission to Behavioral Health Services
A member of the Behavioral Health Services staff will need to ask certain health information for a determination by the medical director for appropriate admission and treatment plan. Recent lab data, an assessment of the prospective patient, and a family contact are part of the necessary information. Admission screeners are available in the Emergency Department, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. Ė 5 p.m. and on-call screeners are available ďafterĒ hours for convenience of families and the patient. Medical emergencies should be handled by calling 911 and in the Emergency Department anytime.

Behavioral Health Services
101 Sivley Road
Huntsville, AL 35801
All Calls are Confidential.

Two Different, Confidential Programs.
One Common Mission.

The Geropsychiatric Program accepts up to 10 patients who are 65 years or older. Here, physicians and staff with special training provide individualized care and manage the medication for the unique needs of the older adult. Focused supervision of the patients during the daily schedule ensures patient safety. Flexible day sessions include pet therapy, remotivation, reminiscence groups, sensory stimulation groups, reality orientation and exercises designed with the senior adultís level of tolerance and function.

Persistent depression affects 6 million of the 40 million Americans who are over the age of 65. The rate of suicide among older adults is higher than any other age group and the suicide rate for persons 85 years and older is the highest of all, twice the national average. Meeting older adultsí special health and mental needs is a commitment of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, dieticians and many other healthcare specialists.

The Adult Program provides confidential services for patients with psychiatric illnesses. This service accommodates 21 patients and provides private, individualized treatment plans for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and thought disorders. A team of multidisciplinary healthcare specialists provides the individualized care required for each patient to facilitate recovery.

The compassionate staff in the assessment office will gladly determine your family member or loved ones needs and answer any questions you may have. The office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please call 256-265-6780 anytime.