Bereavement Care Program

The bereavement experience…
The grief process is a private and highly individual experience. It takes time when dealing with a significant loss and everyone grieves differently. There is no specific timetable, nor any required steps to successfully complete the grief process. While some people start to feel better in weeks or months, it may take years for others.

In 2012, Huntsville Hospital Health System developed a Bereavement Care Program to offer support and bereavement care to those who have lost a loved one in one of our facilities. We recognize the importance of not only caring for our patients during their time with us, but we also want to care for the patients’ family members.

Many times it is extremely difficult for the patient’s family to make decisions after the death of a loved one. Our Bereavement Care Program is tailored to meet the distinctive needs of families as they deal with the death of their family members and loved ones. Over the course of a year, we will follow up with families through mail, written resources and information on support groups. We will also host biannual Services of Remembrance to honor those whom we have lost. For more information, you may contact (256) 265-CARE (2273) or email us at wecare@hhsys.org.

Resource guides put together by Huntsville Hospital

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If you are currently receiving information and resources from the Bereavement Care Program and would like to opt out click here.

If you have lost a family member in our facility and would like to learn more about our program please email wecare@hhsys.org.