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Percutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy Tube Placement

This type of feeding tube is placed for patients that have difficulty with heartburn or regurgitation and are at an increased risk of food or fluid entering the lungs when a standard feeding tube is used. A flexible tube with a camera less than 10mm in diameter, the approximate size of a tylenol, is passed into the stomach by a trained physician. Sedation is given to relax the patient and decrease any anxiety and fears. The patient is monitored closely during the procedure including routine checks of the blood pressure, heart rhythm, heart rate and respirations. A Gastrostomy tube (feeding tube) is placed into the stomach. The Jejunostomy tube is then put through the gastrostomy tube and placed into the 2nd portion of the small bowel known as the jejunum. Occasionally, the physician may use x-ray equipment to verify the placement during insertion. The physician may consult a Nutritional Specialist or Home Care Nurse to assist with the use and maintenance of the tube. This procedure can take up to 45 minutesto perform.

Usually the patient must be without food or drink at least 6 hours prior to the test. Most often the physician holds food and drink after midnight the night prior. Hospital stay is usually 2 1/2 hours from the time the patient arrives in the waiting room of the Endoscopy Center waiting room until the completion of the procedure.