Robotic Surgery
New Technology Reaps Benefits for Patients

Steve Morrow
Steve Morrow is back enjoying
his garden.
With a wife and family of six children and six grandchildren you can imagine that Steve Morrow of Hazel Green has plenty to keep him busy. Add a half-acre vegetable garden and a weekly golf game and you will be convinced of that fact. So when Huntsville urologist Dr. Michael Brown told him that he needed to have prostate surgery, Morrow was surely looking for the proverbial silver lining in the cloud. He found it when Dr. Brown recommended that Morrow have a new, minimally invasive prostatectomy using the da Vinci robotic technology recently acquired by Huntsville Hospital. Morrow’s successful surgery marked the first patient at Huntsville Hospital to have the new robotic procedure.

The significance of the new technology was not lost on Dr. Brown. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to offer cutting edge technology to my patients and I’m proud of Huntsville Hospital for purchasing this technology for all specialists to use. It’s another quality option for patients,” said Brown.

The da Vinci robot is the most advanced surgical technology on the market and can be used by physicians across many specialties. Huntsville Hospital is the only facility in Alabama to offer the high definition optical feature in the da Vinci. The unique design of the robot combines endoscopic surgery, high-definition microscopic viewing and a 540 degree rotation of surgical instruments.

In simple terms, here is how it works. Through small incisions in the patient, the surgeon inserts an advanced microscope which is attached to a high definition camera that delivers a 3-D image. With superior visualization the surgeon can perform meticulous dissections via the robotic arms of the da Vinci. The surgeon’s hands literally guide the robot’s arms in the area of the surgery. Tiny, hard to reach areas in the body become more reachable using the new technology. With high definition clarity the da Vinci uses 540 degree rotational capacity to surpass the ability of the human wrist. Steve Morrow
Thanks to technology like the da Vinci robot,
Morrow enjoys technology like his garden tractor...and special time with his family.

For the patient, the value of the new technology is very simple: smaller incision, less bleeding, less scarring and less pain. For Steve Morrow that was welcome news. “I’m used to being active and I do most of the work in my garden by hand. It was wonderful that I went home the next day and I felt great,” said Morrow.

daVinci Robotic SurgeryThe da Vinci robot is just one example of Huntsville Hospital’s commitment to providing the most advanced medical equipment for our patients and our medical staff. The da Vinci technology offers potential in multiple specialties, including urology, gynecology, general surgery and oncology.

“A number of staff physicians at Huntsville Hospital see the technological advantages and are very excited to become trained and credentialed for performing surgery with the da Vinci,” said Brown. In addition, a team of hospital surgery personnel also went through the stringent training necessary to participate in the robotic procedure.

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