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Benefits of Volunteering

You may need service hours for your school application, to meet a class requirement, to be admitted into a sorority or club, or you may want to add community service to your resume. Many people simply want to serve the community that they live, work or play in. It doesn’t really matter why you want to volunteer; to want to volunteer and to have the ability to give your time and services are really all that matters!

Huntsville hospital offers its volunteers the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge, to develop new interests; to expand their social and personal support networks; and to derive satisfaction from assisting others through compassion and understanding. Huntsville Hospital values its volunteers. Providing the following courtesies helps to minimize the costs incurred by volunteers and provides increased incentive for volunteering at the Hospital. Huntsville Hospital extends several courtesies to its volunteers as follows:

Huntsville Hospital offers volunteers a complimentary meal in the hospital cafeteria on days when a minimum three-hour shift has been completed. During a four hour shift, a break is in order. Volunteers may get a light snack, such as chips or fruit and/or a fountain drink in the cafeteria addition to their meal.
While on duty, volunteers are entitled to free parking on the hospital campus. Volunteers are also welcome to use their parking privileges to visit the hospital on their own time. For details about where and when to park, please contact Volunteer Services.
Eligible volunteers are offered a reduced monthly rate at the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Centers. To be eligible, volunteers must be registered with Huntsville Hospital Volunteer Services, and have completed a minimum of eight hours per month, over the course of ninety days. This discount is offered only to active volunteers, who must maintain a minimum of eight hours service per month. Please contact Volunteer Services if you would like to participate.
Besides the great sense of well-being and satisfaction you receive by volunteering, we offer some other health benefits too! Blood pressure screening is available to all Huntsville Hospital Volunteers and is performed in either the Employee Health Office, or by the screening machine in the lobby of Huntsville Hospital Main. Annual influenza immunizations, (subject to availability) are optional and free of charge to all volunteers.
References for employment or education purposes are provided upon request for adult volunteers who have contributed a minimum of fifty or more hours of service and for youth volunteers who have completed a minimum of 28 or more hours of service.

If you have any questions, or if you would like additional information regarding any of these benefits or courtesies, please contact Volunteer Services. These courtesies are extended solely at the discretion of Huntsville Hospital and may change at any time without notice.