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Wellness Center Rules and Regulations

  1. All members must check into the center each visit by either manually entering their member ID (1+SSN) or by scanning key tag.
  2. Memberships are non-transferable.
  3. Any member may be expelled by the management. Cause for expulsion may consist of any violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Center, or any conduct which in the opinion of the management is detrimental to the welfare or character of the center.
  4. Membership definitions:
    a. Individual: 22 years or older for independent use of facility.
    b.Youth: Applicants 12-21 years must have parent or legal guardian co-sign application. Members 12-14 must have parent, guardian or responsible adult supervision while in the center.
    c.Spouse: Member who is legally married to an Individual Member.
    d. Family: Membership for immediate family (mother, father, sons and/or daughters) residing together (with accommodations made for children residing elsewhere i.e. college, etc.)
    e. Corporate: Membership for current employees of companies with at least 3 members of center.
  5. Leave of Absence (LOA) may be granted for medical, military, job or school issues. Member must fill out the LOA form (prior to the 20th of the month before the LOA is to start), pay a $10 processing fee and have a current, paid in full membership. LOA’s are granted for up to a 3 month basis. LOA’s are not intended for non-use of facility.
  6. Members who are terminating membership must present written notification prior to the 20th day of the previous month before termination. Huntsville Hospital employees who payroll deduct their dues should give 30 day notice of termination to allow for payroll deduction to be stopped. There is a $50 reinstatement fee if the member wishes to rejoin within 6 months of termination. This fee does not include an assessment. After 6 months, the membership fee will be at current initial pricing.
  7. All members and guests must be clothed appropriately at all times. Cut off blue jeans are not permitted. Swim suits or the like are required in the sauna, steam room, whirlpool and pool. Pool shoes are encouraged in those areas. Swim suits are not permitted in the gym or aerobic area. Closed-toed shoes must be worn to workout in the gym area.
  8. Lockers are provided for member use. Members are responsible for their own personal possessions and keeping lockers locked while using the facility. Lockers are not permitted for overnight use. The center or its employees will not be responsible for items placed in lockers.
  9. Showers are required prior to using the sauna, whirlpool, steam room and pool. Showers are also required after the sauna/steam room If the member is going to the pool/whirlpool.
  10. Sauna/Steam room/Whirlpool should be limited to 15 minutes of total use per member. For some members, these areas may cause undue cardiovascular stress. Elderly persons and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, have open wounds, infections virus or diseases, or who are pregnant should not use these areas.
  11. In the event of thunder/lightning in the area, the pool/whirlpool area will be closed down until 30 minutes after the last episode of thunder/lightning.
  12. Diving in the pool is prohibited. There is no lifeguard on duty and members swim at their own risk. Do not enter the pool if you have an open wound, infectious virus or disease.
  13. Smoking, smokeless tobacco, alcohol or the use of non prescription drugs are strictly prohibited within the center. Food and open containers of beverages are prohibited in the gym area.
  14. It is prohibited for anyone, other than an authorized law enforcement officers to bring or have in possession a weapon, explosive or other items classified by law as a weapon at the center.
  15. Play care is available for the centers members and guests. Specific guidelines will be provided upon enrollment in that program.