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ICU Visiting Hours & Waiting Area

Visitation Times

  • 10:30 - 10:50 a.m.
  • 1:30 - 1:50 p.m.
  • 4:30 - 4:50 p.m.
  • 8:30 - 8:50 p.m.

Phone: (256) 265-2015

We are here for you.

There are few hospital experiences that are more difficult for families than having a loved one in an intensive care or critical care unit. We are here to serve you while our clinical staff cares for your loved one. Our Waiting Area Representative will serve as your ambassador during your stay.

  • An Information Desk is staffed 24/7 to welcome and assist family members of patients in the intensive and critical care units. The goal is to keep you informed and comfortable while your loved one is our patient. So we will be able to share important information with you, all visitors of ICU and critical care patients must sign in at the Information Desk upon entering ICU Waiting.
  • Pagers are issued to each family and are activated when incoming calls or updates are received at the Information Desk from the care provider in the ICU. Your physician can page you and request that you meet him or her at the unit where your loved one is being treated. Please see your Waiting Area Representative for additional information pertaining to the pager.
  • To keep the ICU Waiting area as clean as possible, we do not allow snacks and foods in the main waiting area. Please use the Snack Room for eating. Drinks with lids are permissible in the waiting area. Please do not bring coolers.
  • Seating capacity in the new facility accommodates approximately 180 people and includes 60 reclining chairs for family members who may stay overnight. Fresh blankets will be provided upon request every night after the last visiting hours at 9 p.m. These items will be picked up by 7 a.m. the next morning.
  • We ask that only two visitors per patient, ages 14 and older, stay the night. Limit your personal belongings. Please do not bring pillows, blankets or air mattresses from home. These items are not fire retardant and do not meet our fire and health code safety regulations.
  • Please be considerate of others in ICU Waiting and limit the number of visitors per family in the waiting area.
  • Seating is divided by “active, quiet and group” waiting sections. All of the furnishings are designed with comfort in mind.
  • Televisions are located throughout the area with designated zones where the volume is turned on or is muted for “quiet waiting.”
  • A large group waiting section is available.
  • Magazines and books are available.
  • An enhanced phone system has the capability of directing incoming calls to any of 20 phones located throughout the waiting area. An intercom paging system covers seven zones.
  • Four Consult Rooms for physician and family meetings are available.
  • Facility security is enhanced with eight surveillance cameras located throughout the waiting area. The cameras are monitored at the Information Center.
  • Restrooms and water fountains are conveniently located in the area.
  • Showers are available in the waiting area and are fully equipped with dressing and restroom amenities.
  • Family lockers with keyless PIN code access are available for securing belongings while you visit your patient or leave for a meal.


The visitor garage is located on Gallatin Street. Parking requires a $2.00 fee to exit. Token machines are located on each garage level as you enter the building.

Gift Shop

For your convenience, the gift shop is located on the ground floor near the hospital’s front entrance.

Chapel / Chaplain Services

The Chapel is located on the first floor, just before the cafeteria. A Chaplain is available at your request.


The cafeteria is located on the first floor. It is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Convenience Store

Located next to the public elevators on the ground floor, this store features food, drinks and Starbucks Coffee.

Snack Room

A large snack room is available for eating snacks and food. This area features vending machines, tables and chairs and a wall counter with additional seating. The snack room also includes a sink and counter top, microwave, ice machine, television and coffee machine.

Computer Use, Internet Access and Cellular Phones

Cell phones are allowed in the ICU Waiting area but are not allowed in the intensive or critical care units. Several electrical outlets are available throughout the facility for you to keep your phone charged. A business center with five computers and free wireless internet is provided in ICU Waiting. The waiting area representative will monitor the availability and use of the workstations.


Furniture within the ICU Waiting area is not to be moved or rearranged. Each section and seating arrangement is designed to best accommodate space and comfort needs.

Health and Safety

For your convenience, hand sanitizer with moisturizers is available. It is recommended that you use the hand sanitizer before visiting with your loved one. Also, for additional cleanliness, your representative will periodically wipe-down seats and other furniture throughout the day.


For your safety and security we request that you keep all valuables at home. When you leave the waiting area for any length of time, please take important/ valuable items with you.

Our Lifesaver Employee Giving Club donated more than $350,000 to help build and furnish the ICU Waiting area for families.