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Peace of Mind With Digital Mammography from Huntsville Hospital
With improved image quality and detail, digital mammography is the best assurance for detecting breast cancer as early as possible. And, early detection saves lives.

The all-female staff at the Breast Center encourages you to get your physical every year and if you are over 40, make sure to get a digital mammogram. Why do we care so much? Because we are women and we understand.

There are two different types of mammograms

  • Screening Mammograms
    For women with no symptoms of breast cancer. Images from each breast are taken in a top to bottom bottom view and an angled side to side view.
  • Diagnostic Mammograms
    For women who have symptoms or have abnormal screening mammograms - Additional angles, magnified views and/or different paddles may be used depending on what the radiologist needs in your breast health.

Screening Recommendations
At this time there is no way known to prevent breast cancer, so the best defense is early detection. The American Cancer Society recommends a three-part screening process that includes mammography, clinical breast exams and self-breast exams.

Below is the recommended schedule

  • Mammogram
    Yearly for women 40 and over
  • Clinical breast exam (CBE)
    Between the ages of 20 and 39, women should have a clinical breast exam every 3 years. After age 40, women should have a breast exam by a health professional every year. The CBE should be done before or close to the mammogram.
  • Breast self-examination (BSE)
    All women aged 20 and over should do BSE every month.

Screening mammograms can be scheduled by patients with a physician's referral or by a physician's office. Please call (256) 265-9999 if you wish to schedule your own annual screening mammogram.

Diagnostic exams need to be scheduled by a physician.