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Ovarian Cancer Support

Lilies of the Valley
An Ovarian Cancer Support Group

Purpose: As sisters in a “club” we never intended to join, we extend life long membership to all ovarian cancer patients and survivors. We strive to fill each others' lives with hope, strength, knowledge, and the ability to endure the journey and give back to others what we have learned.

Meeting Location:
Last Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m.
Tennessee Valley Gynecologic Oncology, 532 Madison St.
Patients, survivors and family members/caregivers are welcome.

Each meeting will be focused on a certain topic as it relates to ovarian cancer. We may occasionally have a guest speaker to give a 15-20 minute introduction at the start of the meeting. This will be followed by 30 minutes of discussion on the topic as it relates to cancer. Members will then have 30 minutes to share their experiences with cancer and ways to cope with those experiences. We will close with a short inspirational message.

Other Ways to Get Involved :
Patient outreach, community awareness and legislative action are some of the other ways to get involved. Please call for more information.

For more information about Lilies of the Valley, please contact Kristi Kelly at (256) 880-7366.