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Membership Organizations & Affiliate Groups

We have several affiliated volunteer groups that operate under the Volunteer Services umbrella. Volunteers who wish to participate under the auspices of certain groups, associations and clubs will need to meet additional criteria as deemed necessary by their governing bodies, however, all volunteers whose assignments are located on the hospital campus must complete the application packet. To learn more about these organizations, please contact Volunteer Services.

  • American Red Cross
  • Chaplaincy volunteers: Pastoral care and counseling is provided by volunteer chaplains who are available to assist patients and their families at any hour. Call (256) 265-9449 for more information.
  • Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary: The Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary is devoted exclusively to providing meaningful assistance to the patients and staff. Auxilians not only volunteer their efforts to raise needed funds, they also assist in patient services by providing clerical assistance to staff as well as hosting the Summer Youth Volunteer Program. 
  • Rebecca Crowson Memorial Klown Klub & Sunny Side Up: A former breast cancer survivor and patient at Huntsville Hospital, Rebecca Crowson initiated the Sunny Side Up program to bring laughter, smiles, videotapes and reading materials to cancer patients being treated at Huntsville Hospital. After a long personal battle, Rebecca Crowson succumbed to cancer in 1998. In honor of her legacy of helping others, the Klown Klub holds a special six month Klown School each year to teach others how to bring laughter and a sense of humor to the healing process.
  • Mended Hearts
  • Senior Horizons volunteers
  • Therapy Partners

Volunteer Services

Huntsville Hospital has the largest hospital volunteer program in the state and is one of the largest in the nation. With approximately 600 adults and more than 100 youth volunteers contributing more than 155,000 hours each year, we estimate that our volunteers save us more than $3.6 million per year – the equivalent of about 50 full-time employees.

We are always looking for volunteers to help in many areas of the hospital. Volunteers must be at least 15 years old and be able to provide a minimum commitment of 50 service hours over the course of their assignment.

Once you have decided to donate your time as a volunteer, the Volunteer Services Placement Coordinator will work with you to find an assignment that meets your interests, your schedule and the hospital’s needs. Some volunteer assignments may have age requirements or require additional qualifications.

Summer Youth Auxiliary program

Our summer youth volunteer program has been canceled for 2021. 
To qualify as a Youth Auxiliary Volunteer, students must be at least 15 years old, maintain a “B” average in school and pay an annual membership fee of $5. Youth volunteers must commit to serving a minimum of seven weeks of service over the course of the nine-week program. To become a youth volunteer, you can request a packet during the month of February by calling (256) 265-8013.

College students

Our summer college volunteer program has been canceled for 2021. 
Each summer and fall Huntsville Hospital offers college students an opportunity to participate in our volunteer program. Our summer program runs June through August; fall runs September through November. Each program is nine weeks in duration and includes a requirement for college volunteers to serve one three or four hour shift (depending on the placement) per week for at least seven of the nine weeks. Applications are accepted March 1 - 31 for our summer program and July 1 - 31 for fall. Complete this application during the timeframe you are interested in volunteering. For additional questions, please contact Volunteer Services at (256) 265-8013.

In addition to our college volunteer program, we also offer students an opportunity to participate in job shadowing and observation. For information about this program, please contact Corporate University at (256) 265-8025.

Adult volunteers

To qualify as a volunteer, applicants must attend a personal interview, complete an application and orientation packet, and be prepared to undergo a criminal background check. Please note that submitting an application to Volunteer Services does not obligate Huntsville Hospital to provide a volunteer placement, nor are volunteers obligated to accept the position offered.

Additional information

  • Adult and college student volunteers apply now online
  • Youth and college student application deadlines vary. Please call our office for more information.
  • Depending upon your placement location and affiliation, you may be asked to purchase and wear a uniform.
  • All new volunteers must undergo Tuberculin Skin Testing (PPD). This skin test is performed in the Employee Health Office at no charge to volunteers.
  • All volunteers must also attend orientation and training sessions as a requirement.