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Torticollis: What a parent needs to know

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By: Jenny Bridges, PT, DPT and Megan Zimmerman, PT, DPT

What if my baby holds their head tilted or only looks one way?

What is torticollis? You may have never even heard of it, but it’s when a baby to holds their head tilted or rotated to one side. Torticollis is a very common diagnosis that has increased significantly since the “Back to Sleep” campaign. There are many possible causes, but often there is tightness in the muscles on one side of the neck. Two main reasons torticollis may occur include: development in the womb (congenital) or a lack of position changes after birth (positional). Torticollis can affect how your baby learns to roll, sit, crawl, and walk. It can also impact fine motor skill and vision development.

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