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Celebrating 125 years: A brief history of Huntsville Hospital (Chapter One)

courthouse square huntsville circa 1895 2

Since opening our doors in 1895, Huntsville Hospital has stood strong through global pandemics, economic collapses, two World Wars and a whole lot more. We’re excited to highlight some of the fascinating history that has helped make us a trusted community institution for 125 years – and counting.

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Q & A with Bill Nelson, Behaviorist, Huntsville Hospital Center for Medical Weight Loss

Bill Nelson, behaviorist with HH Center for Medical Weight Loss

Why is weight loss so important?

Three years ago, the American Medical Association declared obesity as a “chronic disease state.” Obesity is a national epidemic which is correlated with multiple issues including heart disease, diabetes, metabolic issues, significant physical limitations, and an early death rate. We address this issue using realistic and long-lasting solutions.

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