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Q & A with Bill Nelson, Behaviorist, Huntsville Hospital Center for Medical Weight Loss

Why is weight loss so important?

Three years ago, the American Medical Association declared obesity as a “chronic disease state.” Obesity is a national epidemic which is correlated with multiple issues including heart disease, diabetes, metabolic issues, significant physical limitations, and an early death rate. We address this issue using realistic and long-lasting solutions.

How does the program work?

The Huntsville Hospital Center for Medical Weight Loss is a medically supervised weight loss program that incorporates behavioral therapy, nutritional counseling, diabetes management, group therapy, and exercise.

Our goal is to help people rapidly and safely lose weight in a structured setting, while working with them towards developing a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to get the weight off and to keep it from returning.

What makes your program different?

The Huntsville Hospital Center for Medical Weight Loss does not use surgery, drugs or medications to help you lose the weight. Because we are medically supervised, we are often able to accept participants with chronic medical conditions. Our program can be personalized for adults and teens who would like to lose any amount of weight.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to lose weight and learn to keep it off. Our team consists of a physician, nurse practitioner, registered dietician, behaviorist, diabetes educators, and exercise specialists.

What are your typical results?

Our numbers speak for themselves. The average weight loss for patients who complete our program is 43.3 pounds in 12 weeks. We have seen improvements in hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, and depression, as well as significant reductions in medications for these and many other medical conditions.

What type of supplements do you use?Bill Nelson, behaviorist with HH Center for Medical Weight Loss

We are the only Optifast provider in North Alabama. Our extensively researched Optifast product facilitates rapid weight loss within a medically structured and supervised setting. Optifast consists of shakes, soups and bars designed to provide complete nutrition with maximum calorie burn.

How do I learn more?

Call us at (256) 265-3072 to schedule a free information session,  visit our web page or fill out the form below for someone on our staff to contact you.


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