September 2017

Dear Community Friend,

There is an old adage about focusing on what you can control rather than the things you can’t. Those of us in health care understand this well. While national and state leaders struggle for political answers to health care questions, we’re focusing on where we can make a difference—in the quality and service we provide to our patients. Even though decisions that are made in Washington and Montgomery have enormous impact on us, we’re taking big steps at Huntsville Hospital Health System to improve your experience with us.

One of those steps is the replacement of a 14-year-old computer system with a new electronic medical record. Although you won’t see it as a patient, it will have tremendous impact on our care for you. It’s a massive project that will take fifteen months to implement. We’re also planning for the construction of a new bed tower on the main campus. This project must be approved by the State of Alabama before we can begin construction. If approved, it will help us minimize the days when we have to place patients in semi-private accommodations because we don’t have enough beds on a specific unit. 

In the main Emergency Department we’ve added more hours of physician coverage and opened more rooms for non-critical patients. Similar efforts have also been completed at Madison Hospital’s ER. Work also continues on the addition of 30 new inpatient rooms at Madison. Some of these rooms will be available for patients by the end of the year.

The community’s first inpatient hospice facility is nearing its opening on the campus of Redstone Village. Huntsville Hospital’s Hospice Family Care facility will provide a unique level of service in a beautiful, home-like setting for patients and their families. We appreciate the community’s support of Huntsville Hospital Foundation in helping provide this special place.

Your generosity and support is critical to all that we do at Huntsville Hospital. We appreciate it and could not do what we do without it. Regardless of the challenges, our mission of service doesn’t change, nor does our desire to continue to improve. We consider it a privilege which we do not take for granted. As we think about our good fortune to live in this community, we’re mindful of the thousands of Americans who suffered losses in the storms in Texas and Florida. 

DavidSpillers 007web

David S. Spillers, CEO
Huntsville Hospital Health System