Huntsville Hospital to open Fever & Flu Clinic

Beginning Wednesday, March 18, at 9 a.m., Huntsville Hospital will open a Fever & Flu Clinic at 120 Governors Drive. The clinic is located at the southwest corner of Governors Drive and Franklin Street (directly across from the hospital campus) and will operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Who should come to the Fever & Flu Clinic?

Children and adults ages 6 and older who exhibit a broad range of upper respiratory illnesses, including influenza, sore throat, strep throat, fevers or potential exposure to COVID-19. Patients will only be tested for COVID-19 if testing is indicated by their clinic medical exam. Not all patients will be tested for COVID-19.

If you come to the Fever & Flu Clinic

  • Preliminary registration information will be collected while the patient remains in the car.
  • Patients will wait in their car until they are contacted by cell phone or by the hospital attendant when it’s time to come inside for evaluation.
  • Only the patient will be allowed inside the building, unless the patient is a child between 6-18 years of age or an elderly person who needs assistance.

Please bring the following items with you:

Your photo ID, insurance card and cell phone, if you have one. The clinic visit will be billed to your health insurance. No money will be collected on-site.

As always, any person with a medical emergency such as shortness of breath or respiratory distress should call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department.

Visit our Fever & Flu Clinic web page.