Huntsville Hospital’s employee health program is designed to work hand-in-hand with helping local employers with their many employee needs.wellness works image

And that’s where we come in. WellnessWorks will assist in controlling costs associated with rising workers’ compensation and general health care costs. Our programs include:

Available 24/7, discover how WellnessWorks can help you and your team.

Service Coordination
(888) 567-3144

For Employees WellnessWorks
A complimentary service that provides employees and their dependents 24/7 access to schedule an appointment with one of our community physicians or clinics affiliated with our Health Care System.

For Managers/Supervisors
Schedule physicals, drug screenings or health/safety talks.

For on the job accidents/illnesses: Call Service Coordination immediately.
Provide the Service Coordinator with your name, phone number, company name and location/department, as well as the injured employee’s name, address, phone number and type of injury (body part, seriousness of injury, current complaints and mechanism of injury), date of accident, employee’s date of birth, sex and job title/duties, and employee’s current location and means of contacting employee.