My Reason for choosing Huntsville Hospital

Yolanda Davis

Yolanda Davis, Madison Hospital joint replacment patientYolanda Davis had her first joint replacement surgery in 2016 after degenerative osteoarthritis destroyed the cartilage in her left hip.

About a year ago, her right hip started acting up. A dull ache soon progressed to shooting pains. At 60, Davis found herself hobbling around with a cane. The Huntsville resident knew she probably needed a second hip replacement but wanted to try a non-surgical fix first.

When stem cell injections provided “zero relief,” Davis went to The Orthopaedic Center (TOC) on the Huntsville Hospital campus. X-rays confirmed that the cartilage in her right hip was almost gone.

“It was bone on bone,” she said. “As soon as they showed me the X-ray, I knew I couldn’t put off surgery any longer.”

Davis chose to have the procedure done by TOC orthopedic surgeon Christopher Parks, MD, MD, based on “rave reviews” from a friend.

Then COVID-19 arrived in North Alabama, and Davis hesitated. She wondered if it would be safe to have joint replacement surgery in the middle of a pandemic.

But when she reported to Madison Hospital on July 21, Davis said the surgical team’s obvious commitment to safety and cleanliness eased her mind. “Once I met the staff, I wasn’t concerned at all,” she said. “They were beyond great and made me feel very safe.”

Dr. Parks used the anterior surgical approach, accessing Davis’ damaged hip joint from the front which allowed for a smaller incision and less muscle trauma. Barely a month later, Davis is walking on her new titanium hip without a cane and getting stronger every day.

“I tell people now that there’s no reason to put off joint replacement surgery,” Davis said. “Just do it.”


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