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Thank You Jean Templeton

Thank You Jean Templeton

The Health Care Authority Board recently recognized former board member Jean Wessel Templeton for her 18 years of service by naming the hospital’s Community Health Initiative program in her honor. Learn more.

Big focus on little patients

All emergency room physicians have to be prepared to treat unexpected and challenging medical problems, but pediatric emergency physicians must also be knowledgeable of the varying developmental stages in children and how each stage requires a different approach to treatment. Read more.

Celebrating 120 years: The rest of the story

Mollie Teal’s story has been shared hundreds of times over the years, including in a recent issue of Source. That article prompted a call to the hospital from a man who had some fascinating new details of the Mollie Teal chapter of our history. Read more.

An Inpatient Hospice Unit: A setting to celebrate life more richly

Most expectant families have heard the words, “Bringing a child into the world changes everything.” When Angela Marie Johnson was born one month early in El Paso, TX, in August 1998, parents Kristina and Johnnie couldn’t possibly have known how much of an impact their “Angel” would have. Read more.

Every step counts

We are encouraging our staff to stay in shape. Huntsville Hospital is the first health system in the United States to grade our stairs for calorie burn using a smart sign system. Taking the stairs burns seven times more calories than taking the elevator. Watch WAFF 48’s story to learn more.

15th in the nation to aquire 256-Slice CT

15th in the nation to aquire 256-Slice CT

Physicians at Huntsville Hospital can now capture an entire 3-D image of a patient’s heart in one second – the length of a typical heart beat – with the newly acquired Revolution 256-slice CT scanner. Learn more.

Support full funding for Medicaid

As you may know, the funding issues in Alabama's Medicaid program are critical. Without adequate revenues in the 2015-16 State General Fund Budget, most hospitals in Alabama could face significant cuts in services for their patients and communities. Learn more.

Taking health care beyond the walls of the hospital

Taking health care beyond the walls of the hospital

Improving the health of individuals and families in our community is a worthy goal. In fact, it is the very heart of Huntsville Hospital's mission. Nearly 20 years ago, a strategy was developed by the hospital to more effectively accomplish that mission outside the walls of Huntsville Hospital. Read more.

Weight loss surgery offers new beginnings

On his 40th birthday, Tom Sparks from Hartselle, AL, received a frightening wake up call. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes – common health conditions associated with being overweight or obese. As a result, he was put on several daily medications with the promise that more would be needed. Read more.

Huntsville Hospital's tube system

WAFF 48 recently interviewed Nichola Marcus, Automated Laboratory manager, on how the hospital's tube system works. View the story here.

3D mammograms are here

Huntsville Hospital Breast Center and Madison Hospital Breast Center now offer 3D mammography using the first and only clinically superior 3D technology approved by the FDA. See the WAFF 48 story here.