Huntsville Hospital Services

Chaplaincy Program

We offer chaplaincy services to provide support and spiritual care to patients and their families in our hospital. We believe that faith can give a foundation from which people can find a sense of peace during a time of discouragement and strength in the midst of crisis. The provision of spiritual care services is ecumenical and interfaith and respectful of your religious and spiritual preferences as well as your right to accept or decline services. 

Our Services

  • Provide spiritual support, seasonal worship, memorial, grief and support services as requested
  • Provide assistance for patients and loved ones coping with hospitalization and treatment in conjunction with support through experiences of pain, suffering and loss, or change of health status
  • Provide a caring, listening, supportive presence in the face of illness or impending death for all people including those of no faith tradition or atheists
  • Provide prayers, rituals, and visitation for different faith traditions, along with other religious ministries including blessings, baptisms, communion, sacraments and other religious rituals

How to Contact a Chaplain

A chaplain is available and on-call in the hospital 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. If you would like a chaplain to visit you or a loved one, please notify any caregiver. If on-campus, you may also dial "0" and ask the operator. From off-campus, a chaplain can be reached by calling the hospital operator at (256) 265-1000.


Non-denominational chapels are located at Huntsville Hospital on the first floor near the Main Cafeteria, in the lobby of Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children and on lobby level of Madison Hospital near the Emergency Department waiting area. Our chapels are available for use 24-hours a day.