Community Health Initiative

In June of 1996, the first Community Health Initiative (CHI) grants were made to local agencies to address the community's priority health issues. Since its inception, Huntsville Hospital has awarded more than $13.6 million to 53 local health-focused not-for-profit agencies. The program's volunteer committee which oversees the initiative, is named the Jean Wessell Templeton Committee, in honor of long-time chairman Jean Wessell Templeton. 

Non-profit agencies receiving funding in 2024 – 2025:

2024-2025 Huntsville Hospital Community Health Initiative Grant Recipients

CHI Committee members

  • Kerry Fehrenbach, Chairman
  • Jim Bolte, Co-Chairman
  • Linda Akenhead
  • Aruna Arora, MD
  • Greg Barnes
  • Philip Bentley, Jr.
  • Heather Crow
  • Michelle Jordan
  • Cathy Miller
  • Brian Patz, MD
  • Beth B. Richardson
  • Nicole Schroer
  • John Simms, Project Coordinator
  • Burr Ingram, Hospital Liaison