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Courtney before & after bariatric surgeryBariatric surgery at Huntsville Hospital didn’t just change Courtney Clem’s life — it benefited her entire family.

At her heaviest — more than 280 pounds — Courtney didn’t have the energy to take her two young sons to the ballfield. Today, she’s down to 165 pounds and coaching their Little League team thanks to her surgeon Dr. Ravindra Mailapur.

“It’s being able to do things most people take for granted, like going to the store and finding clothes that will fit or having the energy to walk up the stairs in my house to my bedroom,” Courtney says.

Courtney has lost nearly 120 pounds since her February 2020 surgery with Dr. Ravindra Mailapur at Huntsville Hospital. Dr. Mailapur previously helped Courtney’s mother and older sister achieve dramatic weight loss.

Courtney says her only regret is not having bariatric surgery sooner. “I gained motivation, self-confidence, and energy,” she says.

As for the stairs at home that she used to dread climbing, Courtney says her attitude now is, “Yeah, let’s go do some stairs!”

Courtney also credits her continuing weight-loss success to the monthly support meetings, a closed Facebook group, and other provided resources and tools to stay motivated. The other secret to her success: a supportive family and the motivation of her two sons, ages 4 and 5.

“My sons love me no matter what because I’m their mom,” Courtney says, “but I want to be my healthiest and best self for them.”

Thanks to bariatric surgery Courtney now has the energy to coach her sons' baseball team.


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