Huntsville Hospital Services

Home Infusion

If your doctor prescribes home infusion therapy, you can feel confident knowing that Huntsville Hospital Home Infusion, operated by ContinuumRx, can continue your care from our hospital to your home. We provide comprehensive and personalized infusion therapy to patients of all ages, from routine antibiotics to complex cases, and throughout all stages of illness.

Before you even leave the hospital, our clinical staff will provide extensive and effective teaching to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge you need before you get home.You’ll also feel confident knowing that your nurse and pharmacist will carefully monitor your health and follow up with you routinely. We provide caregivers that are available 24/7 to answer any questions and listen to your concerns. Our nurses are experienced in administering the most complex intravenous therapies, and our staff of pharmacists has access to the latest research and protocols. We will work closely with your physician to ensure you receive the most personalized care possible.

For more information about our therapies or ContinuumRx, click here or contact 800-665-2850.

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