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Our team is made up of experienced licensed respiratory therapists that are also certified COPD educators, CPAP specialist, Certified Orthotic Fitter’s, skilled patient service technicians, and skilled customer service representatives.

We specialize in providing clinical respiratory services including COPD disease management, Trilogy non-invasive and invasive home ventilator that will greatly improve your breathing and quality of life for patients living with COPD, a restrictive airway disorder or a neuromuscular disease. The in-home services include any consultations, assessments and education that you may require by one of our licensed respiratory therapist that is also certified COPD educators.

We are also able to provide High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Vest (HFCWO) by using the AFFLOVEST. The AFFLOVEST is a portable and comfortable vest that is used for patients having difficulty with airway clearance due to Bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, or a neuromuscular disease. Our C.A.R.E. program allows a Respiratory therapist that is also a certified COPD instructor to come into your home and educate you on COPD management. When ordered by your physician, Overnight oximetry studies can be performed to obtain a nocturnal baseline oxygen saturation to help you and your physician develop a course of treatment for early intervention.

If your care requires durable medical equipment like standard or power wheelchairs, negative pressure wound therapy pumps, beds, walkers, and nebulizer therapy our technician can make the delivery to your home or in your hospital room prior to discharge.

We also provide C-Pap and BiPap therapies with custom fittings at your home or at our convenient downtown Huntsville location by one of our licensed respiratory therapists or skilled CPAP specialists. With our resupply program you’ll also be made aware of when you are eligible through insurance for new supplies.

Our BOC Certified Orthotic Fitters are able to fit and provide pre-fabricated and custom orthotic products for the entire body with specialization in spinal bracing.

Joint Commission Accredited.
Services cover all of Alabama.

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