Meds-to-Beds Program

 The Meds-to-Beds program is an in-house hospital service that delivers your prescribed medications to your bedside prior to your release home. Your prescriptions are sent to us by your physician, dispensed in our main pharmacy, and brought to your room personally by our pharmacy staff.

  • We accept most insurance plans.
  • The cost of prescriptions is comparable to other area pharmacies. Payment is due at time of service and cannot be added to the hospital bill. Credit and debit cards are preferred, but checks and cash are also accepted.
  • If pharmacist counseling is desired, a pharmacist will visit the patient room to provide education for the patient and family.
  • Patients who are interested in having discharge prescriptions filled before they leave the hospital should press the red call button and ask for the Outpatient Pharmacy, or call (256) 265-3400.

Benefits of the Meds-to-Beds program

  • Saves you time. No unnecessary stops on the way home from the hospital.
  • Huntsville Hospital Pharmacy stocks most hard to find medications that other pharmacies may not carry.
  • Our staff works with your physician, insurance carriers, and drug manufacturers to get your medication covered.
  • Our pharmacists are available for your questions and counseling before and after discharge.