Hospital Leadership

David Spillers, CEO
David Spillers
Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Samz, COO
Jeff Samz
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Chappell, Jr., MD, CMO
Robert Chappell, Jr., MD
Chief Medical Officer/
Chief Quality Officer
Clinton Carter, CFO
Clinton Carter
Chief Financial Officer
Rick Corn, CIO
Rick Corn
Chief Information Officer
Arin Zapf, RN, Chief Nursing Officer
Arin Zapf, RN
Chief Nursing Officer
  • Sarah Savage-Jones, President, Huntsville Hospital Foundation
  • Tracy Doughty, Senior Vice President, Operations (Emergency and Trauma Services)
  • Thomas Fender, Vice President, Operations (Surgical Service Line)
  • Kenneth Graves, Vice President, Legal Services
  • Dean Griffin, Senior Vice President, Health System
  • Rudy Hornsby, Senior Vice President, Operations (Support Services)
  • Burr Ingram, Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Josh Hewiett, President, Heart Center and Vice President, Cardiovascular Services
  • Elizabeth Sanders, Vice President, Operations (Women & Children)
  • Jennifer Holly, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Judy McClellan, Executive Director, HealthGroup of Alabama
  • Mary Lynne Wright, President, Madison Hospital