Hospital Leadership

David Spillers, CEO
David Spillers
Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Samz, COO
Jeff Samz
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Chappell, Jr., MD, CMO
Robert Chappell, Jr., MD
Chief Medical Officer/
Chief Quality Officer
Kelli Powers, CFO
Kelli Powers
Chief Financial Officer
Rick Corn, CIO
Rick Corn
Chief Information Officer
Karol Jones, CNO
Karol Jones
Chief Nursing Officer
  • Candy Burnett, President, Huntsville Hospital Foundation
  • Tracy Doughty, Senior Vice President, Operations (Emergency and Trauma Services)
  • Thomas Fender, Vice President, Operations (Surgical Service Line)
  • Kenneth Graves, Vice President, Legal Services
  • Dean Griffin, Senior Vice President, Health System
  • Rudy Hornsby, Senior Vice President, Operations (Support Services)
  • Burr Ingram, Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Josh Hewiett, President, Heart Center and Vice President, Cardiovascular Services
  • Kyle Buchanan, Vice President, Operations (Women & Children)
  • Andrea Rosler, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Judy Thurston, Chief Executive Officer, HealthGroup of Alabama
  • Mary Lynne Wright, President, Madison Hospital
  • Carrie Welborn, Interim Corporate Compliance Officer