Membership Organizations & Affiliate Groups

We have several affiliated volunteer groups that operate under the Volunteer Services umbrella. Volunteers who wish to participate under the auspices of certain groups, associations and clubs will need to meet additional criteria as deemed necessary by their governing bodies, however, all volunteers whose assignments are located on the hospital campus must complete the application packet. To learn more about these organizations, please contact Volunteer Services.

  • American Red Cross
  • Chaplaincy volunteers: Pastoral care and counseling is provided by volunteer chaplains who are available to assist patients and their families at any hour. Call (256) 265-9449 for more information.
  • Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary: The Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary is devoted exclusively to providing meaningful assistance to the patients and staff. Auxilians not only volunteer their efforts to raise needed funds, they also assist in patient services by providing clerical assistance to staff as well as hosting the Summer Youth Volunteer Program. 
  • Rebecca Crowson Memorial Klown Klub & Sunny Side Up: A former breast cancer survivor and patient at Huntsville Hospital, Rebecca Crowson initiated the Sunny Side Up program to bring laughter, smiles, videotapes and reading materials to cancer patients being treated at Huntsville Hospital. After a long personal battle, Rebecca Crowson succumbed to cancer in 1998. In honor of her legacy of helping others, the Klown Klub holds a special six month Klown School each year to teach others how to bring laughter and a sense of humor to the healing process.
  • Mended Hearts
  • Therapy Partners