Madison Hospital Wellness Center: Group exercise classes will resume on Monday, Sept. 27. Members are welcome to use the fitness area while the classes are closed. The pool area is undergoing maintenance and is expected to reopen on Monday, Sept. 27. 

Optional Services

We offer several different ways for you to personalize your journey toward a healthier life.
(Additional fees apply.)

Boot Camp

This total-body workout builds strength and endurance and incorporates elements from military training.


A vital component in a healthy lifestyle, massage therapy promotes relaxation, eases tension and improves recovery from injury. Our licensed massage therapists provide Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports massages. Click to see available packages and rates.

Personal Training

At any age or fitness level, personal training can provide the extra support and guidance that you may not be getting through your normal workout routine. Click to view available packages and rates.

Nutritional Counseling

Our registered dietitians can work with you to develop the best nutritional plan to meet your goals. We offer private counseling for weight loss, sports, eating disorders, diabetes, celiac, gluten-free and more; and group nutrition classes. Call (256) 265-9355 (WELL) or view our flyer for more information.

Metabolism Testing

MedGem® testing calculates how many calories you should consume each day so you can be better equipped to lose or maintain your weight. This simple breathing test measures your oxygen consumption and calculates your resting metabolic rate, which is the number of calories burned at rest.

Swimming lessons

We offer group and private swimming lessons for both adults and children. Scheduling varies by location. For more information, please call (256) 265-9355 and select the location to speak with one of our representatives. Swimming lessons are available for both members and nonmembers.


Available only at the Medical Mall location, Unjury® (Protein) is the highest rated, most trusted, and most recommended protein by doctors, dietitians, nurses − and their patients. Also, bariatric supplements for gastric bypass patients are available at the Medical Mall location.

Play Care

Members can purchase play care passes for their children ages 2 months to 12 years. Members may utilize play care services for up to 2 hours. Play care hours vary by location.